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1.Scope of Work

  • Manage Payroll for the staffs
  • Perform Leave Management
  • Execute Over Time Management
  • Carry out Income Tax Management (TDS)
  • Carry out Retirement Fund Management

2. Methodology (Proposed)

  • Gather and compile inputs
  • Process Payroll sheets once checks have been received
  • Forward final sheet to the client HR
  • Forward the payroll invoice after getting final approval from the client HR

3. Proposed work process







Time taken


Inputs are gathered and compiled by 1st  day of Nepali Month or as per the client company’s rule

1 day



Payroll sheets are processed once checks have been received

1 day


Final sheet will be forwarded to the client HR on the same day


Payroll invoice is forwarded after getting the final approval from the client HR

1        day


4. Employment Exit-Complete process


  • On receiving resignation information from Client, the employee’s name is shifted from active database to the resigned database.
  • Finance department is simultaneously informed to hold salary & expenses
  • On receiving the Exit and Handover Form from the Client HR, all relevant information of the employee is updated after completion of one month.
  • The updated information is further forwarded to Finance Department along with a relieving letter by HR.
  • Finance processes the provided information by calculating the liabilitylikeamount of Leave encashment, reimbursement for extra days he/she will be serving during the notice period, and any other liability pertaining to expenses.
  • Finance department then prepares a final invoice which will be forwarded to your company on the same day
  • Payment to the employee will be released the very next day of receiving it from your company.

5. Terms and conditions

The salary and benefit for contractual staff shall be offered in accordance with labor law of Nepal