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About Us

"Your success is our success"

Introduction to Sanchaya Services

Sanchaya staffing services has been operating in India since 2006. Sanchaya Nepal is its extended wing which has been functional in Nepal since March, 2011. The company aims to be the first choice with regards to providing complete HR and workforce solutions. The major services that Sanchaya has been providing are:

  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Third Party Employee Management (End to end solution)
  • Manpower Administration Services/ Payroll Outsourcing
  • Contract Staffing
  • Background and credit checking

The objective

The major objective of this proposal is to make the company aware about the existence of Sanchaya Staffing Services and also about the various HR functions that it specializes in, particularly recruitment and payroll. Your company can take benefit further by outsourcing some of the HR functions so that your company can concentrate on other important aspects like employee development, retention and employee engagement.

The Goal:

The goals of Sanchaya Staffing Services Nepal Pvt. Ltd. are:

  • Provide professional Recruitment and Payroll Outsourcing service
  • Look for most suitable candidates to fill a given position
  • Guarantee on-time payroll

Sanchaya Services can help your company achieving yourgoals by taking off some of the minor workloads from its management so that the focus remains concentrated on core issues to beat the competition and be number one business organization in the market.

Why outsource your HR Functions?

The results of a recent survey done by Accenture showed that the Fortune 1000 companies are increasingly outsourcing their HR functions. The main reason cited for this is because of the increasing pressure on the companies to reduce costs, improve services to employees and maximize the resource availability across the organization. With the increasing competition, the need for retaining talent has been higher for companies. They need to outsource their basic HR functions like recruitment, payroll etc so that the HR department can concentrate on core issues like development, retention, employee engagement etc that can ensure that the existing employees give their full commitment and dedication to the company. The internal resources can be freed for important issues including policy making and strategic planning. Outsourcing also helps reduce the major operating costs as outsourcing HR functions can prove to be both cost effective as well as time effective. HR outsourcing provides access to cutting edge technology related to management functions as well as shows greater expertise on regulatory compliance issues. HR outsourcing can be viable alternative for companies so as to strengthen their core HR functions.

By connecting with us through payroll your company can concentrate on other important HR issues like employee development, employee engagement, employer branding etc.

For this purpose Sanchaya Staffing Services Nepal Pvt. Ltd. seeks to submit this proposal to undertake Payroll activities.  We are a company that specializes in HR services: Recruitment and Payroll are two of such services we offer to our clients.