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Professional Lighting- Market Development Specialist/ Brand Ambassador

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January 14, 2022


One of our client company “Jaquar Group” is looking for “Professional Lighting- Market Development Specialist/ Brand Ambassador”

Qualification: Graduate (BSc) / M.B.A. / B Tech
Industries type: Lighting Industry

Salary: 1Lakh+ (Can be negotiate)

Experience: 6 years +

  •   To promote entire range of Professional Lighting
  •  To train dealers and their sales staff to focus on promotion of concept selling rather than doing product selling
  •  To ensure Maximum display at dealers showrooms in the given space
  •  To keep updated data of Senior Architect, Designer & Specifier
  •  To develop strong relation with Senior Architect / Designer by personal visit, courtesy call or by one to one meeting
    at frequent intervals
  •  To ensure BOQs / Mock-ups in the initial stages of the project and subsequently secure the orders
  •  To maintain data in company given software of each customer handled by you at the dealers’ counter and to follow up till
    maturity / conversion to sales
  •  To handle customers leads generated from dealers / trade customers and follow up till maturity / conversion to sales
  •  To introduce & educate the dealers & their sales staff about the new products modification done by the company
  •  To support dealers & resolve their issues related to supplies, sales, policies, Customer Care & other issues
  •  To educate dealers key decision makers on OC support available to them & to set target for each dealer to send
    customers to OC
  •  To establish Jaquar C&O and D among the dealers in the assigned territory
  •  To support dealers in achieving targeted results
  •  To take leads from OC & follow up till maturity / conversion to sales
  • To bring customers to OC


• Drive and determination
• Extraversion to reach out to all possible leads
• Creativity
• Resourcefulness
• Solution providing attitude
• Attitude and drive to get things done
• Solution providing attitude
• Street smartness
• Alertness about what is happening in the market
• Far sight to evaluate unseen problems
• Maturity to assess and handle difficult situations & people



• Technical knowledge of Lighting portfolio
• Established contacts and references among Real Estate

  Developers, Architects, Interior Designers, Lighting Planner
   & Building Merchants.
• Ability to gather sound product knowledge
• Ability to catch on to leads and cues from everywhere possible
• Ability to establish & maintain a wide network of resources
• Strongly and effective follow up ability
• Knowledge of competitor mapping
• Experience in coordinating at various levels and leading to
  effective result delivery
• Expertise in creating brand presence & visibility