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January 7, 2022


One of our reputed client company urgently is seeking for dedicated “Production Officer

Company Type: Food & Beverage


In connection with the production under the area of responsibility ,the Production In-charge will supervise,monitor and coordinate in the entries arears of production ,and monitor and coordinate in the entire areas of production and with production supporting departments in respect of products assigned to him .Reponsibility in relation to task ,production and fuction are itemized below.


 a)Plan: For the Production.

 b)Initiate:Action and programe.

 c)Liaise: with RM &PM &F.G.Store ,lab (QC,QA and R&D) and Engineering department

  1. d) Coordinate :Administration & Personnel
  2. e) Advise :Persons connected with production line.


  1. Raw Mertials Procurement and inventory levels
  2. Production and manufacturing Process
  3. Availability of all packaging Meterials
  4. Quality Control and quality Assurance
  5. Defect reports and follow up action to ensure defect-free products.
  6. Inventory Levels of raw and packaging materials finished products.
  7. In absence of his superior boss he will monitor of his boss day to day work.




The production incharge will coordinate function between:

SCM Import ,operation (M &SM)RM & PM store FG store ,Export Dept Administration Personnel& Accounts.

In any other that he deems necessary or is directed with the plant manager.

Routine Task:

 Checking , Perusing  and replying to email,and any other communication addressed to him and responding to the same timely and effectively.

Maintaining good communication by the appropriate means with virous department.

Attending all routine and scheduled meeting and as required by the plant manager and others department .