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Production and Quality Engineer

"Your success is our success"

August 28, 2019


Basic Requirement

Education Level: Diploma in Mechanical Engineer or BS/ B-Eng / B.Tech in Mechanical Engineer.

Experience Required: 2-5 years of relevant experience in Quality, Manufacturing or Production functions in
manufacturing industry.

Qualification and Skills

  • Experience in implementing process improvements utilizing various quality initiatives such as6-Sigma, Green Belt or Black highly desirable.
  •  Bill-of-Material structures and familiar with workflow concepts.
  •  Confidence in dealing with wide range of people particularly labors and operators. Able to build their morale and group commitments.
  •  Motivating workers to keep operations running smoothly.
  •  Quickly ascertain problem and be decisive in solving it, such as identifying defects in the line of production and quality control/assurance.
  •  Work as per production deadlines & dispatch dates, and manages time accordingly.
  • Strong understanding of LEAN Manufacturing: reducing waste, improving processes and saving costs.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • As a Head of Production & Quality Department, you should prepare production plan in coordination with Sales & Marketing Department.
  • Lead in the production & quality assurance process from preparation & handling of raw material through to autoclave process, and process of checking quality of AAC Block after production as per standards set by Company.
  • Conduct Quality Assurance Planning. This includes duties like Quality Control (QC) of AAC Block, which ensures the AAC Block free from defects; contribute to overall branding of our AAC Block.
  • Oversee production engineering process and operational strategies such as measures to minimize manufacturing cost on daily basis maintaining standard quality of AAC Block.
  • Establish safety procedures and workplace regulation for employees in the department. This includes successful application of health and safety practices in the workplace.
  • Perform engineering support to effectively utilize the equipment and maintenance activities to ensure maximum production. The tasks includes regular up-keeping, checking, maintaining, modifying equipment to make sure that it is safe, reliable and efficient for operation.
  • Carry out engineering analysis to reduce downtime and outages, evaluate current production activities and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Provide technical support, training and guidance to workers to make manufacturing process as efficient as possible and accomplish production goals.
  • Organize, manage and optimize workflows (information and production flow) in the department and ensure that workers understand and perform their duties accordingly.
  • Identify unsafe operations and practices and report same to the Line Manager immediately

Customer Orientation- You can apply from below options: