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September 16, 2021


One of our reputed multinational company seeking forĀ dedicated “Country Manager”

Company Type: IT BasedĀ 

Specific: Gaming Industry/ Digital marketing

Salary: Special Package


Bachelor’s degree or above, in Games publishing or an equivalent related field;

At least 3 years working experience in game publishing,

Preferably at least 5 years of management experience in MOBA, competitive genre;

Possess professional knowledge and background in game release process;

Experienced in MOBA and competitive game genres, with in-depth analysis and understanding;

Has led the successful experience of gaming industry

Possess solid ability of withstanding pressure; with a good team spirit and strong communication skills


Responsible for the overall operation, marketing and promotion, User Acquisition, design, technology, and e-sports team coordination in Nepal;

Cooperate with the Shenzhen headquarters team to complete the publishing work;

Responsible for the management of the Nepal regional team

Email: jobs@sanchayaservices.com

Only selected candidates will be called for interview